5 Potty Training Travel Tips That Really Help

Summer is probably the hardest time to potty train, in fact it’s the time when I see a lot of parents fall off the proverbial potty training wagon. Summertime is touch-and-go—you literally touch down just long enough to wash a batch of laundry, answer some emails, then go off again on another adventure.


But don’t let traveling stop you or your little one from potty training. Consistency is KEY when it comes to successful potty training and we’re teaming up Pull-Ups Training Pants to give you some helpful tips when it comes to potty training on the go.

5 Potty Training Travel Tips That Really Help

1. Bring your potty seat with you.
No qualms about it, pack that potty seat with you on your road trip. We’ve been known to stop at mile-marker 181, pull the potty out of the back, and even hold a blanket up for privacy. You can’t predict when your kiddo will need to go potty, but you can be prepared with something he feels comfortable going potty in.

2. Easy on, easy off.
Speaking of comfort, I love the convenience of Pull-Ups Training Pants and my little guy loves how comfortable they are. When going on a trip, you really don’t want to wash dozens of pairs of underpants. But rather than take a step back in potty training, pack some Pull-Ups along for the ride! They are easy on, easy off, and disposable which is a must at gas stations and pit-stops.

In fact, 3 of 4 moms prefer Pull-Ups©!* We like Pull-Ups because they offer much-needed independence that my very independent little guy needs, along with super fun activities that keep him engaged. We all know how looooong those road trips can seem! Pull-Ups help us stay on our potty training track, even while traveling.

3. Sit sideways in public restrooms.
Public restrooms can be scary when you’re a child and they may be the reason your little one doesn’t want to go potty on trips. I’ve noticed that whenever we stop for a restroom break on family road trips, my little guy is reluctant to sit on those big toilet seats. (And let’s face it, rest stops aren’t like home.) 

Here’s a fun potty travel hack—have them sit sideways on public toilets so they don’t fall in!

4. Have a travel rewards system.
Don’t put the rewards on pause while you travel, keep them coming! Bring the sticker chart along, the treat jar, and check out the fun incentive ideas on Pull-Ups.com including the potty training treasure chest {so cute!}.

5. Prepare vehicle for…accidents.
3-2-1 blast-off to road trip adventure! But before you go, prepare for accidents along the way because they will happen and as my kids like to say, “Accidents happen, and that’s okay.”

For long car rides, place a disposable changing pad (the kind you find in hospitals) in your child’s car seat. Pack wipes, towels, Pull-Ups, and plastic sacks to make cleaning, disposing, and getting back on-the-go as easy as possible. Let your little one know it’s okay to have accidents, especially while traveling.

Our Epic Disney Road Trip and a Disney Contest

This fall we’ll be taking an epic family road trip to a magical destination—our first Disneyland experience! That’s 14 hours of driving with four kids, including one potty trainer. I plan on using the above tips, along with any other ones you’d like to throw my way.

In the magical spirit, Pull-Ups is hosting a Disney contest and you could win BIG! Share your Big Kid’s Moments on Instagram or Twitter using #DisneyAndPullUpsSweepstake for a chance to win a Walt Disney World vacation for your family, but hurry! This sweeps ends on August 4th and you definitely don’t want to miss out.

Happy travels and be sure to check out Pull-Ups.com for more helpful tips, games, and incentives to make potty training fun!

*Pull-Ups offering includes in-pack prizes, product, packaging and activities vs. Pampers© Easy Ups©

Nicolette McKinlay is an English and Journalism teacher turned freelance writer and full-time mom of four.  Life is loud, crazy, and profoundly sweet.  She’s always observing people and life through a writer’s lens; many of her articles are born from curiosity and people-watching.  Her brain is always abuzz with thoughts, ideas, and the novel she’s been writing in her head for years.  Nicolette is a writer, content contributor, and the email manager for HowDoesShe.

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