Parents Are Loving This 'Potty Cup' for Toddlers -- But We Have So Many Questions

potty cup for toddlers

Have you ever been potty training a toddler and thought, Man, you know what would make this so much easier right now? If I had a smiling cup full of urine I could keep in my purse! Well, hold on to your Pull-Ups, because today is your lucky day. Amazon apparently sells a designated "toddler pee pee training cup," and it's either the most genius or most horrifying thing that's ever happened to toilet training.

  • The pee pee training cup looks like an innocent sippy cup, but be careful -- that's not apple juice inside.

    Nope, it's pee, as evidenced by this totally inexplicable photo of a naked toddler resting a hand on his haunches as he pisses into the great blue beyond.

    Seriously, what is going on here? Is this a 35-year-old man with lower back issues in a toddler's body? Why is he wearing so much hair gel?

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  • The cup retails for just $8.95 and is supposedly meant to be used for car trips, camping, and running errands.

    You just pop open the lid and let your tot get down to business as a cartoon elephant creepily smiles from beneath the pee funnel.

  • No, really. It's watching you.

  • The Amazon listing describes the cup as leak-proof and odor-proof, and promises to "keep your child safe from germs found in nasty public bathrooms."

    Because who needs those icky, pee-soaked public restrooms when you can just pee in a jar and make your mom carry it, am I right?

  • The "girl version" of the cup even comes with a funnel, presumably to help pee ricochet directly onto your forearms as you hold the bottle.

    The best part is, in addition to your bottles, sippy cups, breast pump parts, and baby food makers, the pee pee training cup gives you even more dishes to wash -- and these are covered in urine! Yay!

  • Despite the overarching WTF-ness of smiling, cartoonish pee Tupperware, the training cup has some seriously rave reviews.

  • Even when it springs a leak, people are still like, "Dude. Totally worth it."

  • Freaky or not, there's no denying that potty training sucks, and these little elephants could totally come in handy in a toddler pee-mergency.

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