13 Easy Snacks to Pack for Your On-the-Go Toddler

13 Easy Snacks to Pack for Your On-the-Go Toddler
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When you have a toddler, it seems that you're often on the go -- to the park, on playdates, to preschool, and all around town. Sometimes, even out of town. And forget hangry toddler meltdowns -- you must have a good selection of treats that travel well, have some nutritional value, and are something your little one loves.

All of these snacks are super easy to prepare (some need no prep at all!). There are fruits, veggies, grains, sweet flavors, tasty crunch, and tons of vitamins included on our list ... and we've even reimagined a way to eat old standby Os. Happy snacking!

  • Banana muffins


    Here's a great idea that toddlers will love -- and you will, too. Make a batch of healthy banana muffins (throw in some semi-sweet chocolate chips for a little extra yum) and you have easy-to-pack snacks for park days, camping trips, or even long car trips. This is a great idea for the otherwise picky toddler who doesn't like to eat many fruits and veggies, too. All they'll see is a sweet treat with a few chocolate chips.

  • Oven-dried strawberries


    Strawberries are delicious, but they can also be quite messy and not exactly the best idea for when you're on the go. We have a great solution! Oven-dry sliced strawberries to make them a super easy and healthy treat when out and about.

  • Puffs


    Baby and toddler puffs may be a staple in every parent's bag, and the good news is these treats aren't just a bit of air. There are many puffs available with a little boost of nutrition. They also have a satisfying crunch that always seems to make kids happy.

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  • Banana


    For the kid that isn't picky, the banana in its pure form is the most perfect snack for on the go. This fiber-rich fruit also has potassium and vitamins A, C, and B6, along with antioxidants -- and it comes in its very own wrapper.

  • Granola


    Granola on its own transports well and is full of fiber and iron. And you can spruce it up, too. Try making granola bars with a nut butter to hold it all together, then add in raisins, cranberries, or chocolate chips if you wish. Get your little one involved in the making of these treats and they may be even more excited to snack on them.

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  • Rice cakes

    Rice cakes

    Kids love the crunch and parents love the ease of the rice cake treat. And much like puffs, they're often made with multigrains and other healthy ingredients. 

  • O-shaped cereal

    o cereal

    Often in multigrain and with other flavors, O cereal is a favorite finger food for many little ones. To make these a little more exciting, you can string them on a piece of licorice for an easy-to-transport treat.

  • Raisins


    Raisins really are nature's candy with a boosted benefit of iron and fiber. We recommended getting the different varieties and putting them in a baggy or unbreakable container. Your little one will enjoy sampling the different colors and tastes.

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  • Waffles


    Skip the syrup, but pack some toasted waffles in a baggy or lunch box for a treat -- we love the mini versions. Go for waffles with added fruits for a little extra sweetness and nutrition. You can also pack a nut butter for dipping. 

  • Edamame


    Like the banana, edamame comes pre-packaged thanks to nature. This soybean is rich in fiber, calcium, and iron. It's an easy to transport treat and fun for kids to peel and nosh.

  • Cheese crackers

    cheese crackers

    Rare is the kid who doesn't like cheese crackers. These little bites have saved many parents from those "I'm hungry" moments between meals. Bite-size crackers are easy for little hands to pick up for eating, too.

  • Carrots


    The beta-carotene in carrots is great for your child's growth and immunity. This veggie is great to dip into salad dressing or nut butters as well. Add raisins!

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  • String cheese

    string cheese
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    Best transported with a little freezer pack in an insulated lunch bag, string cheese tends to be a kid and parent favorite. Cheese has calcium, which is good for a kid's bones and teeth -- and that makes it an even better treat to have at the ready.

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