9 Things Every Mom of a Smaller-Than-Average Kid Understands

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We all know kids grow in their own ways. Still, moms who have kids who are smaller than their peers often have to remind others of this fact. (We have to remind ourselves sometimes too.) We know the plight of being the mom of the smallest kid in class. And here are the scenarios we all know far too well. Take comfort -- you are not alone.


1. The look on strangers' faces when you correct them after they guess your kid's age wrong. It's as if they really don't believe you.

2. Dealing with well-meaning family members when they endlessly question your child's picky eating. Don't force-feed him or guilt him into eating the string beans, okay?!

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3. The plight of finding clothing that fits. You have to size down sometimes to fit the waist, but then the pant legs are too short or the styles are too babyish. Or the tabs inside the pants to make them tighter are too uncomfortable. (Frustration!) 

4. Leaving the doctor's office upset after looking at the growth chart. You feel a bit like you've failed your kid (you didn't). But then you give yourself a pep talk, saying well, maybe this is the only thing my kid will be below average in.

5. The worry that comes at the end of a meal. You sometimes get consumed by it when you see your child's barely eaten plate of food.

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6. The joy of seeing that your child ate everything on his plate. Cue the happy dance!

7. Riding the emotional roller coaster of your kid's eating tendencies. Defeat sinks in you when the broccoli-eating food victory you celebrated last week becomes a "no way I'm eating that" stance this time around.

8. Your anger when someone treats your kid like a baby. There's a certain feeling you get when someone talks to your kid at his level and says something to the tune of "you're so small" in baby talk.


9. Hugs make it all okay. The fact that you can still pick up your child with ease makes those moments when he wants and needs to be held a little easier.

We just want to remind you, you're doing a great job, Mom.

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