10 Ways to Sneak Veggie Purees into Your Family's Favorite Foods

mom and daughter cooking

My 5-year-old daughter would happily live on white bread, milk, and cheese crackers. Though she does eat fruit, she's not a fan of veggies. I'm working to try to expand her culinary horizons, both because I want her to eat healthy and because -- TMI, I know -- my girl needs to poop. 


I'm pretty desperate to get some more veggies in her and I'm not above engaging in some trickery to make that happen. With that in mind, I asked the savviest moms I know for their best meal ideas for sneaking in some veggie purees. That way, my girl can get some nutrition, whether she wants it or not!

Check out these clever ideas for adding vegetable purees to meals your whole family will love!

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