12 Stylish Decor Ideas for a Baby & a Toddler Who Share a Bedroom

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When a mom has two little ones who need to share a room, it's time to get creative. Decorating a bedroom for two may seem overwhelming, especially if there is a toddler and a baby with different needs. We found some solutions that will work for two kids who have to share a room -- and that won't drive a mom crazy. These ideas will help any mom create a bedroom that's both practical and comfy for siblings.

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Short on space? No problem -- we've got solutions. Worried if both kids will be able to sleep soundly? There's a fix for that, too. Want something that looks nice, and also works as a functional space for the kids? We have that covered as well. Any area can look pulled together if one plays with color and texture and decor. Decorating doesn't have to be stressful or expensive, and there ARE solutions for tricky problems like this one, so have no fear. And best of all, the children's favorite things can be incorporated into these shared living spaces, so neither one will feel like he or she is compromising. These shared bedroom ideas will be an inspiration and help a worried mama make her kids' room just perfect for her two little ones. We know parents want things to be perfect for their LOs, and with our help, our readers might just get pretty close! 

  • Put mama in the middle.


    While we know you aren't going to want to sleep in your kids' room every night, we also know that sometimes you have to be there just to get them to rest soundly. Organizing the room so the rocker is between the toddler bed and the crib allows you to get comfortable while reading a bedtime story that hopefully lulls them both to sleep.

  • Create a loft bed.


    Using the open space under a loft bed for the crib is perfect for those smaller spaces. Plus, your toddler -- if he or she is old enough to safely climb up and down -- gets to really feel like the big kid in a bed like this.

  • Give everything its own place.


    A bedroom for two kids can get cluttered fast. One solution is to create a space to store all the toys, like this room's large shelving and bin unit. And we also love the black-and-white decor. 

  • Modify a bunk bed.


    This bunk bed can be used for years to come. It was made baby-friendly by adding side rails and a crib mattress just for the little one.

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  • Decorate with soft colors.


    The white furniture in this shared bedroom looks really pretty with the sandy peach colored walls, which fit both age groups.

  • Mix and match.


    It's okay -- and dare we say it, chic -- to go with a wood framed crib and a white metal bed. Nothing everything has to be the same; in fact, the different materials and textures just add to the style of the room.

  • Keep beds out of corners.


    Most of us tend to place beds with the headboard against the wall, but this room inspires us to try something different. Both crib and toddler bed are centered, creating space on the end for other things, like a nightstand and a changing table. This setup gives the room a whole different feel.

  • Go bold.


    Shared rooms can be bold -- yes, even if a baby is sleeping there. We are in love with this two-tone wall in black and white. Something tells us the color scheme may even help the little ones sleep.

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  • Add a divider.


    To help with separation (especially if that's what your toddler wants), you can create a built-in room divider with a shelving unit that also perfectly stores books and toys. In this case, it feels like two distinctly different spaces.

  • Choose more than one wall color.


    We love how, in this room, the crib's area is white and yellow and the lofted bed's area is a cool green. The styles go well together, but give each child a bit of autonomy.

  • Look for a bed with a divider.


    We love the look of this toddler bed with its build-in room divider. It will allow your older child to feel cool with her very own fort-type bed. And also might help her ignore the baby and actually sleep at bedtime.

  • Add luxe touches.


    Stars and hearts are in style forever, no matter how old kids get. Here, a sweet heart blanket, and of course the fuzzy rug (perfect for tummy time or toddler reading), make the room fit for both ages. The bins with lids are great storage and prove that not everything has to be designed plastic or brightly colored. 

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