12 Stylish Decor Ideas for a Baby & a Toddler Who Share a Bedroom

kids room

When a mom has two little ones who need to share a room, it's time to get creative. Decorating a bedroom for two may seem overwhelming, especially if there is a toddler and a baby with different needs. We found some solutions that will work for two kids who have to share a room -- and that won't drive a mom crazy. These ideas will help any mom create a bedroom that's both practical and comfy for siblings.


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Short on space? No problem -- we've got solutions. Worried if both kids will be able to sleep soundly? There's a fix for that, too. Want something that looks nice, and also works as a functional space for the kids? We have that covered as well. Any area can look pulled together if one plays with color and texture and decor. Decorating doesn't have to be stressful or expensive, and there ARE solutions for tricky problems like this one, so have no fear. And best of all, the children's favorite things can be incorporated into these shared living spaces, so neither one will feel like he or she is compromising. These shared bedroom ideas will be an inspiration and help a worried mama make her kids' room just perfect for her two little ones. We know parents want things to be perfect for their LOs, and with our help, our readers might just get pretty close! 

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