15 Toddler Room Ideas That Make the Cleanup Game So Much Easier

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Kids have a lot of stuff. They have big toys, little gadgets, tiny trinkets, nighttime underwear, blankets, papers, crafts, crayons, and on and on and on. Where do you store it all without the kid's room looking like a big mess? We have solutions to make your life easier, while also allowing your little one to be able to find that itty-bitty toy with ease.

These must-have pieces for your toddler's room offer clever and stylish ways to keep order and prevent everything from ending up in the closet in one big disorganized heap. Some of these ideas are so great, you'll want to organize all the rooms with them.

  • Under-the-bed drawers.


    There are two reasons to love under-the-bed drawers. One is the obvious reason -- more space to store stuff. We love the idea of using the drawers for pajamas, nighttime underwear, and favorite bedtime books. The other reason is to utilize the space effectively, so things don't just get stuffed under in a disorganized way.

  • Bins, bins, and more bins.


    Bins are like coffee -- you can never have enough. These storage solutions are excellent for putting in all the tiny pieces of all the things your kid plays with. You can make a bin dedicated to cars. Another just for dinosaurs. Create bin themes for easy cleanup and easy-to-locate favorites.

  • Creative crates.


    Paint and decorate with a basic wood crate to store training pants and rash cream. When everything has its own place, the room doesn't look cluttered.

  • Book ledges.


    Book ledges not only make the wall look amazing, but they also allow your child to see the books more easily, making it extra fun to choose a bedtime story.

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  • Double duty shelf.


    Your little one probably has a lot of adorable accessories that are easy to misplace. A shelf with hooks to hang necklaces and mini bags is not only organized, but it also looks so cute.

  • Craft station.


    As your little one gets older, she's probably going to acquire more crayons and markers and crafting supplies. Get a handle on it all with a craft station complete with bins and drawers to keep everything handy yet in its own place.

  • Handy hooks.


    When you lift things up off the floor, it makes the room feel bigger and more organized. These two hooks are perfect to hold a kid's bookbag or even a cool hanging to attach barrettes and hair clips. Get creative. 

  • Art display.


    If there isn't a spot to show off your kid's latest masterpiece, where does it end up? In a forgotten pile. Instead of making a mess, show off the art with a dedicated spot to display new pieces as they are made. It might even inspire your child's creative streak. 

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  • Easy to reach hangers.


    Believe it or not, some kids like to play the "cleanup game." When you create easy-to-reach spots for your kids to hang up their jackets and clothes, they learn to be more independent and that helps you a lot, too.

  • Shoe storage reimagined.


    We love this idea of taking a typical behind-the-door shoe storage rack and filling it with your kid's stuffed animals. It would also work for dolls and other toys.

  • Floating bins.


    If you don't have an easy-to-reach spot for your child's preschool belongings, what happens when he gets home? The items end up spread out all over the floor, right? This setup solves that. "Floating" bins off the floor are the perfect spot to store backpacks. Shoes go on top, and coats go on hooks next to them. 

  • Peg board.


    If your kid is a fan of costumes, create a peg board to store it all. This wall looks so amazing as it is, but you can also use it for hats and coats and adjust the shelves and pegs based on your needs. 

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  • Rolling cart.


    A rolling cart might not be what you'd expect to find in a kid's room, but it sure is useful there. This allows all the things in it to be wheeled to the place where your child is playing. For example, if your child wants to draw at the kitchen table and all art supplies are in a rolling bin, it's easy to just wheel it in the other room. Then wheel it back for easy storage.

  • Tote bags.


    If you're anything like we are, you have a lot of tote bags from all over. Pick out the cool ones with pretty designs, hang them on a hook, and you have instant stuffed animal storage. 

  • Bins inside drawers.


    A dresser doesn't have to store just clothes, but when you do choose this spot to keep toys in, also add mini bins to sort and separate blocks, cars, and all the little things for better organization. 

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