10 Ways to Create a Themed Kid's Room That's Super Stylish

kids room

A kid's room theme gives you direction for decorating -- and makes the space fun and playful. But you never want to go with a theme your little one will grow tired of, and you obviously should stick to his or her favorite things. The problem is: How do you do that without sacrificing style?


The solution is keeping the room from looking over the top or overwhelmingly decorated. Don't make every single item "themey." Instead, choose just a few stylized and coordinated accents that can make a room feel exciting every time your child walks in.

Check out some beautiful kids' rooms that take on tried-and-true themes and show them in a whole new light. There are also some themes here you may have never thought of before. Prepare to want to redecorate thanks to these inspiring rooms -- that kids and parents both love.

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