15 Sanity-Saving Hacks Every Toddler Mom Needs to Know

mom reads in bed
Vanessa Quigley

It's not easy to be a toddler mom. Kids at that age are notoriously picky eaters, they have zero attention span, and they're not exactly known for their ability to keep themselves entertained. The only way to survive the toddler years without totally losing your mind is to arm yourself with the very best tips and tricks from other moms who've been there. Luckily, there's a new book that gives you an easy way to do just that.


Real Moms, Real Hacks: 107 Parent-Tested Tips and Tricks to Save Your Time, Money, and Sanity is the latest by Vanessa Quigley, a mom of seven and the co-founder of the popular photo app ChatBooks. The book features dozens of creative hacks shared by real moms at every stage of parenting. But we pulled out the very best ones specifically for moms struggling through the terrible twos, threes, and fours -- let's face it, those years are all pretty nightmarish.

Here, 15 mom-approved (and Vanessa Quigley–approved) hacks that will make everything from breakfast to bedtime just a little bit easier.

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