12 Tales of Extreme Picky Eating -- & How Moms Helped Kids Overcome Them

happy kid eating
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Picky eaters -- we know them, we live with them, and despite how royally frustrating they are, we really love them. That's probably why it's so gutting each and every time they reject a nutritious food in favor of their incredibly small stable of standbys. Sure, you may have lived on ramen noodles in college, but that was out of survival, not personal taste. 


Fast-forward to present day when you find yourself stocking up on your picky eater's preferred brand of macaroni and cheese or enough PB&J fixings to last you through the end of days. Because while they say nothing in this world is guaranteed, there's a 99.9 percent chance that's all your kid will accept for his or her meals.

Because there is safety (and comfort) in numbers, we asked moms to share their most woeful tales of picky eating, and how they were able to expand their child's palette, even if in just small increments. 

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