12 Ways to Share Your Growing Kid's Milestones With Faraway Family

mom and baby facetiming

There's no denying the little kid years are sweet and wholly exciting. Your child is literally growing and changing before your eyes. Many of us live far away from family members and want to share those moments of growth and change with our faraway loved ones. After all, it's the milestone moments that bond families together, no matter the distance.


Luckily, technology has made it way easier to stay connected than it ever has before. Video chatting is awesome and sharing photos has never been easier. Kids grow fast, and grandparents can now stay in tune with every milestone, growth spurt, and lost tooth.

We've got 12 great ideas for making the distance disappear -- and for making sure your kid isn't just growing before your eyes, but in front of their relatives' too. No matter how far away they are.

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