15 Moms on What It's Like to Have the Shortest Kid in Class

little boy getting height measured

I'm 5'9", so for most of my life I've been considered tall. But I wasn't always on the top of the growth chart. I still distinctly remember being the shortest girl in my first grade class. It bothered me so much that I used to walk on my tiptoes to seem taller.


I'm pretty sure I wasn't fooling anyone.

For moms, it can be easy to get obsessed with growth charts and to think that bigger is better. But just like adults, kids come come in all sizes, and there is always going to be someone rocking the fifth percentile. 

Moms who have a little one who is, well, a little one, have an interesting perspective. Some of them find their kids' size makes them extra fierce or scrappy. Others wish people would keep their comments on their kids' size to themselves! Read on for the frustrating, funny, and sometimes sweet experiences of kids who are small but mighty. 

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