How Other Moms Manage to Keep Their Cool While Potty Training

potty training

I knew that becoming a mom meant that I'd be dealing with someone else's poop and pee. I expected diapers and even the occasional poop blow-out. What I did not expect was having to clean pee out of a shag carpet when my potty-training kid dumped his little potty all over the floor. 


That carpet was never really the same. 

Don't get me wrong, potty training is an exciting milestone, but let's be real -- it can also be super frustrating and kind of gross. But as moms, we need to keep our cool and our patience so potty training doesn't become a source of major drama. Nobody wants potty training to turn into a struggle for control or for it to result in tears (mom or kid!). 

Read on for totally relatable advice from 11 moms who've survived the struggle -- #9 is my inspiration!

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