6 Creative Ideas to Decorate Your Home, According to a Toddler

toddler fingerpainting walls

Looking to freshen up your home's style? Look no further than your own toddler's creative ideas. Each of these unique decor touches adds a touch of originality to every room -- for a look as capricious as your kid.


Best of all? You can leave all the DIYing to your toddler!

toddler scribble on furniture
Grace Per Lee

Update Your Furniture

Brighten up a tired piece of furniture with original artwork. Just grab a crayon or piece of chalk, or better yet a permanent marker, and go to town. The results will last a lifetime.

sandy boots
Grace Per Lee

Bring the Outdoors In

Want that beachy feel, indoors? Bring sand home from the playground in your boots, then scatter it throughout the house. There's nothing like the feeling of sand between your toes.

toilet paper pile
Grace Per Lee

Add Some Whimsy

Create a whimsical bathroom scene by unspooling your toilet paper. Leave it in a loose, graceful pile upon the floor.

crayons in the toaster
Grace Per Lee

Engage All the Senses

Scent is one of the most powerful senses, so don't neglect it. Try melting some crayons in the toaster. Your home will be filled with a pungent aroma for weeks.

messy books
Grace Per Lee

Feng Shui Your Bookshelf

Try pulling all your books off the shelf and restacking them haphazardly, obscuring their titles completely. Or, simply display your books on the floor.

messy rug
Grace Per Lee

Tie the Room Together With an Area Rug

Too many people leave rugs flat on the floor. Instead, try piling it up and leaving it in a great heap. Suddenly, the rug becomes the focal point of the room.

These are just a few simple things you can try on your own. Of course, if you're serious about transforming your home, it's best to bring in a professional toddler. Mine is available at a very reasonable rate.

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