10 Thoughts Every Mom of a Picky Eater Has at Dinnertime

You know all the tricks -- only offering one new thing at a time, sneaking in pureed vegetables when they’re not looking, artfully arranging food to resemble fairytale castles and pirate forts -- and yet your picky eater still drags to dinner with all the enthusiasm of a half-asleep garden slug. We don’t have any sure-fire solutions to making dinner easier, but we do have loads of sympathy and solidarity, because we’ve been there, done that. If these thoughts sound familiar, you’re definitely not alone: 


1. “Maybe if I just toss the food in his general direction, some of it will end up in his mouth.”

2. “Is it really so wrong if my kids eat nothing but buttered noodles until they move out?”

3. “Do we seriously have to do this AGAIN? I just fed them dinner yesterday!

4. “How many years do I have until she finds out this ‘bacon’ is actually chicken?”

5. “Nobody warned me I’d have such deep regrets over teaching my kid the word ‘spicy.’”

6. “Is tonight the night I cut out the middleman and just throw dinner directly in the garbage instead of bothering to put it on a plate?”

7. “There must be a recipe that can help me disguise broccoli as chocolate cake.”

8. “Silly me. I should have known there’d be a tantrum if I dared serve a slightly thicker type of spaghetti.”

9. *searches online for kid-feeding robot*

10. “Is it bedtime yet?”

What thoughts run through your head when trying to feed a picky eater?


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