12 Ways It Really Does Get Easier When Baby Becomes a Toddler

12 Ways It Really Does Get Easier When Baby Becomes a Toddler
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I love babies. Love their chubby legs, love their pterodactyl screeches, love their gummy smiles -- show me a baby and I will turn into a goofball trying to make her giggle. But let's be real: Babies are HARD. So the good news is that all babies eventually become toddlers. 

Now, anyone who has ever heard the phrase "terrible twos" might be questioning me, but I'm serious. When I think of the hardest parts about having a baby, the thing that fixed them was toddlerhood. Sleep? Toddlers do it better. Cluster feeding? Not a thing anymore! The permanent back pain from having a baby who will not let you put him down? Not toddlers.

Toddlers are walking, giggling, silly, and fun. Really, it gets better. Don't believe me? Read on and see why 12 other moms totally agree that the toddler life is where it is at!

  • Toddlers Are Lower Maintenance

    toddler playing with dinosaurs

    "Toddlers are way easier than babies! He can feed himself, play by himself, be left alone in a room for a few minutes, only poops once or twice a day, doesn't cry much and when he does I generally know why, can follow simple instructions, can usually tell me what he wants or needs, and sleeps through the night." -- Rachel W., Saint Paul, Minnesota 

  • They Develop a Sense of Humor

    toddler girl playing handstand

    "One of the great things about toddlers is that they are SO FUNNY. And they are starting to get funny on purpose. Like my daughter will do a silly dance just to make us laugh. And she knows she is being silly. I really love this phase." -- Amelia D., Des Moines, Iowa

  • You Become More Confident -- and Better Rested

    mom and baby sleeping

    "I couldn't cope with the uncertainty, lack of control, and lack of SLEEP that came with babies. Plus, having to hold them all the time made me feel like I had zero personal space. I can booze through a toddler tantrum. Kidding (or am I?), mostly." -- Nicole K., Saint Paul, Minnesota

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  • They Can Help

    mom folding laundry with toddler

    "I loved having a baby but a toddler is really fun. Right now, my daughter is really into wanting to be my helper. She has her own little broom and tries to help me with the laundry. Yes, it makes it take longer, but it is super fun to see how she is figuring out how things work and that she wants to help." -- Janelle G., Toledo, Ohio

  • Colic Is a Thing of the Past

    toddler crying

    "My baby had terrible colic. I found it so stressful to have a baby who cried and cried and I didn't know why. Now when my daughter has a meltdown, I usually know why. The answer might make no sense, like 'my orange juice is too juicy!', but at least I don't have to wonder if she's sick or hurt or whatever." -- Carrie B., Boise, Idaho

  • They Feed Themselves

    toddler girl eating

    "I totally don't miss feeding a baby! Breastfeeding, bottle feeding, spoon feeding -- it all seemed to take forever. I like being able to plop my girl down with some fruit and crackers and she can feed herself while I make dinner or take five minutes to check email." -- Amy A., Phoenix, Arizona

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  • Bribery Works

    pigtailed girl holding lollipop

    "You can bribe a toddler. You can't bribe a baby. Clearly the toddler is easier, at least when it comes to getting them to do what you want, even if it is just for a minute and requires candy." -- Nikki B., Eugene, Oregon

  • Every Day Is Different

    mom changing baby

    "Am I a bad mom if I admit that I think babies are boring? I'd have 12 kids if I could skip the baby phase. I just found the feed, diaper, try-to-get-them-to-sleep cycle felt so tedious. Every day was the same and I was always tired or always nursing. Toddlers are crazy but at least each day is a different kind of crazy." -- Kim J., Butler, Pennsylvania

  • They're Curious Little Sponges

    toddler at aquarium

    "Toddlers are like little scientists! They are so curious, so engaged, so excited about learning about the world. My daughter gets her mind blown daily by something new and cool. Babies are cute but they're kind of lumps in comparison." -- Fiona D., Omaha, Nebraska

  • They're Stronger & Sturdier

    toddler bubble bath

    "My son spend five weeks in the NICU when he was born. I was so worried, all the time, when he was a baby. I worried about him getting sick, about him slipping out of my hands in the tub, about SIDS -- my anxiety was crazy high. But now he is a toddler and I can see he is this sturdy little person. He is solid and strong and can handle a cold or bump or bruise. He can sit up and play in the tub, no problem. I'm just more secure about his survival now." -- Daphne B., Grand Rapids, Michigan

  • You Can Have More Adventures Together

    mom and son hike

    "I like that you can do more stuff with toddlers. We are a big camping and hiking family and that stuff is hard to do with a baby. There is so much more gear with a baby. But now that my son is getting older we can have more adventures. We can camp and he is up for hiking and exploring the woods. I love it." -- Kelli G., Colorado Springs, Colorado

  • They Have Their Own Distinct Personalities

    toddler rolling dough

    "I thought I'd be sad forever when my son wasn't a baby anymore. But I really like the toddler stage. He's still cuddly and cute but now he is this little person. And I'm really enjoying getting to know him. He loves art! He hates sand in his shoes! His favorite color is orange and cats freak him out. Who knew?" -- Abbie W., Stockton, California

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