12 Ways It Really Does Get Easier When Baby Becomes a Toddler

mom holding toddler
iStock.com/Weekend Images Inc.

I love babies. Love their chubby legs, love their pterodactyl screeches, love their gummy smiles -- show me a baby and I will turn into a goofball trying to make her giggle. But let's be real: Babies are HARD. So the good news is that all babies eventually become toddlers. 


Now, anyone who has ever heard the phrase "terrible twos" might be questioning me, but I'm serious. When I think of the hardest parts about having a baby, the thing that fixed them was toddlerhood. Sleep? Toddlers do it better. Cluster feeding? Not a thing anymore! The permanent back pain from having a baby who will not let you put him down? Not toddlers.

Toddlers are walking, giggling, silly, and fun. Really, it gets better. Don't believe me? Read on and see why 12 other moms totally agree that the toddler life is where it is at!

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