12 Outrageous Things Moms Did After Dropping Their Kids Off for the First Time

kids drop-off

My daughter -- MY BABY -- is starting kindergarden in the fall. I really can't think too much about it because it reminds me of the day I dropped her off at preschool for the first time. There were tears. So many tears. Exactly 0 percent of them were hers. 


When it comes to emotional parenting moments, the first time you drop off your kid at day care or preschool can be a doozy. I always tend toward tears and grief at the all-too-swift passage of time. My best friend, on the other hand, tends toward tears of gladness, followed by a mimosa breakfast and a pedicure. (Her way is a lot more fun than mine.) 

I asked 12 other moms to remember what the first day of preschool or day care drop-off was like. Let's just say that some of them had days they'll never forget -- even if they wanted to! I'm looking at you, #2!

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