Creative Potty Training Hack May Get Your Kid to Stay Put on the Toilet

potty training

Much like teething, potty training is one of the toughest stages parents (and kids, of course) experience. But one new trick may just make your little one willing to stay put longer. This toilet training hack encourages your toddler to release his inner artist -- while hopefully releasing something else (wink, wink)! 


A post on the Love What Matters Facebook page suggests allowing your child to sit backwards on the potty and giving them a dry erase marker to have their way with the toilet seat lid.

The post also implies that this hack will help little boys with their aim -- if you know what we mean. Take a look and see if it would work in your house:

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As desperate as some parents might be to get their tots out of diapers, this isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. I know with my own kids that once they ran out of space on that lid, they'd have hopped right off the potty and started redecorating the walls. In fact, I'm sure they'd begin to view the whole house as a veritable blank canvas. I'm not the only mom who sees this becoming a problem that's bigger than potty training. 

One commenter wrote: "So your suggestion is to teach your child to write on furniture? ... Please use caution when implementing this 'cute' idea -- you may be trading one issue for another. The good thing is they all learn to potty, and where it is OK to write soon enough anyway. All kid issues are temporary, its just a question of what one you want."

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Another commenter brought up a valid (but gross) point: "If you always put the lid down before you flush, this is really a disgusting idea. That's where all the poop germs land. And human feces can make you seriously ill. I mean would YOU touch the inside of a toilet seat? So why would you let your child?? I can't believe people think this is a good idea. Talk to your pediatrician."

Other parents were up for trying out the hack. This mom, who was surprised by negative comments, wrote: "Omg...people are unbelievable! A new toilet seat is approximately $20. If the marker doesn't come off, just replace the seat! If marker gets on the wall, get your kid to wash it off. It's a good time to teach a lesson in responsibility."

For those who are game to give this method a go, this parent has some wisdom to impart: "Word of advice: do a test mark on the lid before you just give them the marker!! I did this with my son when he was potty training, and while he loved it, the dry erase marker wouldn't come completely off. Oops."

The good news is that eventually all kids come around to the potty. And, markers or no markers, it's usually a fairly messy journey from diapers to underpants. If this hack works for you, enjoy!

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