Watch Kids Try Not to Indulge in This Chocolate Fountain

Channel 4/YouTube

Almost every child I know has a sweet tooth. But how well they're able to control those sugar cravings usually differs by kid. UK station Channel 4's "The Secret Life of Five-Year-Olds" explores the difference between boys and girls when it comes to resisting temptation and impulse control. The findings are probably not too surprising for moms of chocoholic boys! 


Here's how they set up the scenario. A five-tiered chocolate fountain, literally dripping with yummy goodness, was placed in plain view of the youngsters.

From behind the scenes, psychologist Dr. Elizabeth Kilbey and Professor Paul Howard-Jones watch as the children have different reactions to the experiment. Take a look:

Who could blame this child? I'm a grown woman who, 90 percent of the time, is complaining that her pants are too tight, and I'd have trouble resisting that tower of decadence.

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Now watch as the little ladies are able to control themselves:

What accounts for this difference?

"Research shows us that girls are much less likely to take a risk," explained Howard-Jones. "The male brain is more attracted to riskier options, but it's fascinating to see those differences forming now."

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It is interesting but probably not shocking for parents of boys. As a mom with three sons, I can say this doesn't surprise me one bit. And it doesn't even need to involve chocolate. 

In fact, it reminds me of when my oldest was little and he'd be running like a maniac at a library or book store, and my husband and I would see a little girl sitting quietly coloring or reading or just simply following directions.

My husband would typically say something like, "Why is that girl so sad?" and I'd have to explain, "She's not sad. She's behaving!"

I often joke that if I had three girls instead of three boys, I could probably build a house with all the extra time I'd have from not having to constantly say, "Don't touch that!", "Don't eat that!", "Don't climb that!", and "Don't stick your head in there!"

Of course, all boys and all children are different. I'm sure there are mischievous girls out there who'd say, "Who cares if we shouldn't touch it? It's a chocolate fountain! I'm diving in." And there are certainly boys who eagerly take direction and don't laugh in the face of authority. 

But, as this study proves, some temptations are just too sweet to pass up!

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