Watch as Quick-Thinking Mom Saves Her 1-Year-Old From Choking to Death

Attending an infant safety class is a precautionary measure plenty of parents and caregivers take, hoping that they'll never have to put their knowledge to use. But for one mom in Texas, knowing exactly what to do when her daughter was choking saved the 1-year-old's life. And it's all captured on video. 



Jennifer Hull had just given her daughters, Hollis, 1, and Hati, 3, some veggie chips as a snack when she turned her back for a moment to change the channel on the television. What happened next is enough to give any mom chills. 

Watch as little Hollis runs to her mom for help and wisely points to her throat.

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As Jennifer told ABC News, when the back blows failed to help, she turned to the Heimlich maneuver to save the little girl.

It's amazing how quickly this mom sprung into action considering how panicked she must have been in those moments.  

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This chilling video is an excellent reminder of just how important those life-saving skills are for parents and caregivers. As Jennifer said, she shared it to encourage others to attain the knowledge you hope you'll never actually need.

While many might have good intentions of taking a class, it's an easy thing to put off. But the need to know exactly what to do is something that comes at the moment you might least expect it, as this mom -- who had luckily taken an infant safety class before -- found out.

Thankfully, she knew exactly what to do and that probably meant all the difference between life and death. 

For more information about taking a CPR or childcare safety class, visit the Red Cross's website to find a nearby location and course.


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