7 Non-Toxic Gift Ideas for Kids That Moms Can Feel Great About Giving


Whether it's something your child is wearing, playing with, or chewing, as parents, we want to know that products are as safe as can be -- especially in light of recent news that some teethers labled as "non-toxic" may actually contain harmful chemicals. While moms and dads are clearly concerned, it's challenging for average parents to know which toxins are lurking inside the items we're handing our kids every day -- and how those chemicals might be affecting their health. 





When mom of three Amy Ziff reached out to us about the non-profit she founded, MADE SAFE, we were intrigued. Amy's aim is to change the way products are made in the United States in order to reduce, and ultimately, eliminate the use of toxic chemicals altogether. 

Amy and her team have created a screening process, which companies voluntarily submit to and pay for, to help determine whether a product contains toxins known or suspected to “cause human health harm.” At a minimum, Made Safe compares the raw ingredients of a given item to a database of potentially harmful chemicals assembled with the help of scientific advisors.

Once those products meet MADE SAFE's standards, they're awarded a seal that lets shoppers know at the point of purchase that products are considered acceptable for use on their babies, bodies, and in their homes.

We asked Amy for some gift suggestions to ensure our little guys have their hands on presents that are safely on the "natural" end of the spectrum.

"While not all of these gift recommendations are MADE SAFE certified, I generally like the direction these companies are taking," she notes of her picks. 

Whether you're finishing up your holiday shopping or looking for a great birthday or baby shower gift you can feel good about, check out Amy's recommended options.

1. Children’s Pajamas:

"I love Hanna Anderson 100 percent organic cotton jammies," Amy says. "These may seem like a splurge, but they’re made well with decadent thick cotton that breathes, and the 100 percent cotton means they don’t contain the harmful (and unnecessary!) flame retardants that coat many children’s pajamas."

Hanna Anderson

Pajamas start at $44 for girls' and boy's sets and $38 for baby sleepers.

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2. Clothing:

Patagonia hemp, wool, or cotton blends are a great and popular bet, Amy notes, adding that Patagonia aims to make some of the most sustainable clothing on the market without using any  ubstances like perfluorochemicals, phthalates, and azo dyes.


Sample prices: $29 for baby booties; $99 for a Girl's Thermal-Tech pullover.

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3. Toys:

This is a challenging category because kids want what they see in commercials or online -- but that doesn't mean you can't find great options made out of natural materials.

Maple Landmark makes wooden toys, games and puzzles without  hormone-disrupting plastic or heavy metal-contaminated paint, Amy says.

Maple Landmark

Puzzles start at $22; Name Trains start at $26.25.

4. Stuffed Animals: 

If your little ones are going to be cuddling with a furry friend at bedtime, you want to know that those plush pals are as healthy as can be.

"Buy one that you can snuggle up to without the worry of added pesticides in the materials, like these organic cuties from Hazel Village," Amy advises.  

Don't worry, no sacrificing of cuteness required. 

Hazel Village 

Animals start at $42.

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5. Arts & Crafts:

As parents, we want to support our budding artists, but how many times have you opened a box of supplies and been startled by the pungent scent that leaves you asking: "What exactly is in this?"

If you don't have time to make your own putty (so you know exactly what goes into it!), you have another option.

"Eco Kids makes finger paint, eco-dough, crayons, and other art supplies without using any harmful dyes," says Ziff. 

Eco Kids

Most sets are $19.99.

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6. Teething Toys:

You'd never knowingly allow your baby to put toxins in her mouth, but if you don't know exactly what those colorful chew toys are made of, it's always wise to err on the side of caution. 

"Innobaby Teethin’ Treats gift set is one of their Top Parent Picks of this year, with a teether and bibs made without hormone-disrupting plastic or toxic vinyl," Ziff notes. 


Teethin' Treats Gift Set is $21.99.

7. Wall Hangings:

Your child's room is a great place for him to express himself but you want to know what the artwork you're hanging won't be giving off more than just personality and pizazz. 

"Pop and Lolli makes safer stickers, magnets, and wallpaper, a good swap for glow-in-the-dark wall hangings that can be made from vinyl, aka PVC, a known carcinogen," Ziff says.

Pop and Lolli

 Prices start at $62.




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