Stranger Pulls Pacifier From Boy's Mouth & Scolds Mom in Hypocritical Move of the Year

pacifier pulls from toddler's mouthLet's face it: Pacifiers can be polarizing. While some parents swear by them to comfort their fussy little ones, others are quick to say they're a needless crutch that can lead to dental issues if used too long. But whichever side you favor, when it comes to your child, the decision should be yours and your co-parent's alone. So, needless to say, one mom was left stunned and speechless when a stranger removed the pacifier right from her son's mouth during a routine shopping trip. Bonkers, right? 


Here's how it went down, according to the mom's blog post: Corissa Rieschieck's 2-year-old son was gnawing away on his beloved binky when a stranger snatched it out of his mouth and had the audacity to tell this mom that she "should know better."

Wow, talk about a lack of self-awareness. How about this lady knowing better than to touch someone else's child? Unless you're pulling someone's child out of traffic, a river, or the jaws of a vicious animal, it's just not your domain. 

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Obviously, no mom, with a bunch of different things on her mind, could've been prepared for this. So it's no wonder Rieschieck had no comeback -- something that's tormenting her still. She explains in her blog post:

What bothers me most of all is that the absolute shock of that situation stunned me into silence. What bothers me is that a complete stranger actually had the nerve to get so close to my son as to take something from him without any care for getting my permission. 

We don't blame this mom one bit for being outraged. Seriously, where did that lady get the nerve? 

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As moms, we like to think of ourselves as protectors, ready for battle at a moment's notice. Still, who could've seen this coming? This mama has beat herself about it since the incident, she explains. But instead of having clarity, she's left with only questions -- ones most parents who've ever felt judged can relate to. She writes:

Why do people feel the need to comment on the way those around them parent? Do they not remember how hard being a parent is? Have they never experienced moments of doing something as a parent just to get through? Or, if they’re not parents themselves, did they never learn that it wasn’t okay to be so rude?

People complain that the youth of today have no manners – I would argue that the adults of today are often far worse. 

This mom definitely has a point, right? If we think kids are rude, where are they learning it? One thing's for sure, you can bet your binky that this mom is on high-alert now. Anyone who gets within two feet of her boy better only come in peace. Chances are she'll never let her guard down again. It's not a pleasant way to live but if it keeps her son safe, this bizarre encounter just turned into a teachable moment.  


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