15 Good-for-You Foods Late Teethers Can Eat & Enjoy

toddler girl eating
Adorable toothy, gummy smiles melt our hearts, but as babies grow into toddlers, and there's still no sign of those little white Chiclet-looking teeth, parents may start to get concerned about just what their late teethers are going to eat.


As other toddlers are chomping away on a variety of foods, you might notice your late teether isn't able to follow suit ... whether because her little gums are too sensitive or she just can't chew up many of the first foods commonly recommended. The fact is, however, that there are plenty of foods for toddlers to enjoy even if they don't have teeth, or they're going through teething pain.

And bonus: You get to enjoy that yummy, gummy smile even longer. Here are some of the top foods experts recommend for babies and toddlers with no or few teeth.

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