Mom Shares Story of Her Misdiagnosed Toddler's Death to Prevent More Heartbreak

boy dies after being misdiagnosed 5 times
For those who already harbor a general mistrust for the medical industry, this story won't help. An otherwise healthy toddler was misdiagnosed five times before doctors were able to determine the illness that ultimately claimed his life. Complications from E. coli caused 2-year-old Grayson Dunham to become suddenly ill with flu-like symptoms that masked the real issue until it was too late, leaving an enormous hole in the hearts of this Indiana family who is sharing their loss with others to prevent another tragedy.




"Please share the story of my sweet baby boy. He will never be forgotten. And I will do everything in my power for his legacy to live on," starts the heartbreaking Facebook post. "... I'm not really sure what I am supposed to say or how I am supposed to say it, but Brent and I along with our family and friends have endured the strongest heartache no one ever wants to go through..."

After enjoying summer the way many young families do -- attending street fairs, zoos, and dining out -- Grayson woke up vomiting. Diarrhea soon followed. Before long, he began experiencing severe abdominal pain and bloody stools.

Doctors were stymied, believing it could be the flu, his appendix, or an issue with his intestines, before ultimately concluding that the cause of his illness was actually hemolytic uremic syndrome, which can occur following an E. coli infection, and destroys red blood cells at the same time it blocks the kidneys' filtering system. 

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"We were misdiagnosed five times before they said, 'yes, this is HUS,'" Grayson's mom, Kayla, who is expecting her second child, told Today

The grieving mom is sharing her heartbreaking story so others are aware that this condition exists and know what to look for should their kids experience similar symptoms.

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E. coli are bacteria found in uncooked meats and unwashed, contaminated fruits. Animals may also carry strains as well. Doctors have told the family they may never know where exactly their little boy contracted the illness. 

"I am sharing my story with you all in hopes that as parents you stand up for your children and advocate for them. Never ever give up on them."

Our hearts break for these poor parents, who are set to welcome their daughter -- whom they plan to name Graysie to honor her big brother's memory -- in January. We admire this mom's courage in sharing the devastating details of her loss to spare another parent the same grief. 

To honor their son, the family has established a fund in his name at Riley Children's Hospital. We wish them peace and healing as they prepare for Graysie.


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