Adult Bully Attacks Mom in Park for Letting Son Wear a Tutu

tullePlaying dress-up is a wonderful way for children to use their imaginations. Every once in a while, a little guy or gal settles on a beloved item that becomes part of his or her daily uniform. Whether it's a superhero cape or a firefighter's hat, most parents and other adults recognize it as a phase and support it wholeheartedly. Unfortunately, one mom was forced to defend herself and her tutu-wearing son against a bully who went out of his way to abuse and intimidate them at a local park. 


In a Facebook post, Jen Anderson Shattuck shared the frightening details of the incredibly unpleasant encounter she never saw coming. You see, her 3-year-old son Roo has been enjoying tutus for a while now. Though wearing the whimsical garment has inspired some commentary, it never brought out the hate in a stranger the way it did last week. 

Read Jen's frightening account:

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It's hard to imagine how awful this must have made both mother and son feel -- how truly intimidated and disrespected they must have felt. For this creep to take their photo, against her wishes, as a means of shaming them is horrible. And for him to address her son and tell him his mother is "bad" and that he's being abused is just unfathomable. 

But this brave and supportive mom refuses to question her parenting skills, making us admire her all the more. We love her integrity and triumphant spirit when she writes, "We know who we are. Angry strangers will not change who we are. The world will not change who we are---we will change the world."

We're not the only ones who think her stand is pretty amazing. Jen's post has rallied tutu owners everywhere who are sharing photos of themselves sporting their favorite frills with the hashtag #TutusForRoo. Check it out:


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Honestly, is there anything as fabulous as being draped in tulle? (No, we don't think so either.)

We love that what started out as an awful experience for this family has turned into a call for unity, solidarity, and celebrating one's uniqueness. 

In the words of the great Oscar Wilde (who probably owned a tutu or two), "Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." 



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