Moms Bring Kids' Imaginary Friends to Life With Incredible Photo Project

monster & MePlenty of kids have imaginary friends, or monsters as the case may be. But few ever get to see their colorful creations put down on paper. A creative pair of moms, photographer Anna Angenend and illustrator Amy Snyder, are changing all that. 

Together, the talented duo takes real images of kids and seamlessly -- thanks to a helping hand from Photoshop -- creates a My Monster & Me scene, in which it appears the kids are actually playing with the figments of their very own imaginations!

Parents looking to give their imaginative youngsters a real treat can commission the team to create one for your little one by contacting

"We are so excited to bring more kids' imaginary friends to life," Angenend told CafeMom.

Check out these gorgeous images and then ask your kids to share a little bit about their imaginary friends with you. You may learn quite a bit!


Image via Anna Angenend & Amy Snyder

  • My Monster & Me Dancing

    Image via Anna Angenend & Amy Snyder

    What better way to spend the day than in a field with your imaginary pal? These images celebrate not only the wonder of childhood but the power of the imagination. 

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  • Mini Monsters

    Image via Anna Angenend & Amy Snyder

    Eighteen-month-old Evangeline is pictured with her tribe of "mini monsters." Just adorable! We love how the photographer and illustrator have collaborated to capture this magical moment.

  • Melvin

    Image via Anna Angenend & Amy Snyder

    Who doesn't want to invite the man in the moon to a party? Talking to him while on the back of a dragon is the stuff kids dream of. Wouldn't this make a wonderful book cover? 

  • Hot Mess Sheila

    Image via Anna Angenend & Amy Snyder

    Sheila, the hot-pink monster, is a beauty school dropout. She's ready for any and all fashion emergencies and even stuffed animal grooming -- what a pal! 

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  • Ben & His Sidekicks

    Image via Anna Angenend & Amy Snyder

    Check out this cool dude and his dragons. The colors in this image are absolutely gorgeous. How great would it be to have this hanging in your child's bedroom or playroom? 

  • Larry

    Image via Anna Angenend & Amy Snyder

    Marie Elise, 2, is pictured here with Larry the cactus. "He popped my balloons!" Marie Elise tells the artists. Her expression really says it all! And based on Larry's face, he didn't mean to do it!

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  • Zasby

    Image via Anna Angenend & Amy Snyder

    Mia, 3, is pictured with her yellow monster who doesn’t want to brush his teeth, because he "LOVES his cavities," she explains. Good thing Mom and Dad don't have to pay his dental bill! Mia, Angenend's daughter, is a constant inspiration for the photographer.

  • Max


    Mia, 3, with Maximus. "I don't like to get soap in my eyes when I wash my hair, but my monster makes it fun," the little muse shared with the creative team. 

    Funny how a monster can make things better!

  • Dragon-Slayer