Stop Food Battles & Make Family Meals Fun by Stealing These Moms' Ideas

Family dinnerWhen I was growing up, my family always ate dinner together -- no exceptions. My parents were pretty strict in that nobody left the table until dinner was over and there was no snacking afterwards. Period. The kitchen was closed. It wasn't that family dinner was supposed to be fun or quality time. It was just the rule, like it or not. 


Now that I'm the parent, I'm trying to find a balance between family dinner as a rule and family dinner as quality time that's actually fun. This is partially because I have picky eaters and I don't want dinner to consist of power struggles and tears. 

What I really want is family dinners that are lively and promote both good conversation and good eating habits. This is why I love some of the ideas moms shared. These families have found ways to make the dinner table into a creative space and encourage kids to eat and enjoy. Read on for how real families are making dinner fun and getting their picky eaters to dig in!

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