12 Fun, Easy Ways to Make Exercise a Habit for You & Your Kid

mom and daughter working out

Like a lot of moms, I'm busy. I average about 50 hours a week at my job, so when I'm at home, spending time with my two kids (ages 4 and 8) is a top priority. I know I need to make exercise a priority too, but since my kids are nearly aged out of the jogging stroller, I haven't been sure how to combine spending time with them with fitness. 


So I turned to some fitness-savvy moms to find out their secrets to incorporating kids into an exercise routine, and I got some genius ideas. 

Read on for smart (and affordable!) ideas that promote fitness for the whole family. I'm sold on the idea of getting in better shape myself while also encouraging my kids to be as active as possible. And, yes, I'm totally doing #3 the next time we go to the park!

12 easy exercise habits 

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