15 Baby #IceCreamFails That Prove the Summer Struggle Is Too Real

Has any child ever made it to adulthood without experiencing the ultimate summertime misfortune of a dropped ice cream cone? It seems highly unlikely. Let's face it: Ice cream cones are the perfect setup for a sprinkle-covered tantrum. They're top-heavy time bombs, tailor-made to melt, drip, drop ... and strike brain-freeze into an otherwise delightful summer afternoon.

Thankfully for the rest of us, these days, moms and dads have their camera phones ever at the ready to capture these heartbreaking moments for posterity (or for the Internet's enjoyment at large, whichever). Indulge yourself in a giggle or two watching these tots as they learn the truth about the real world -- nothing gold can stay. And that includes ice cream.  


Image via iStock.com/Vladimir Popovic

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