13 Funny AF Tweets from Parents That Nail the Horror of Bedtime

13 Funny AF Tweets from Parents That Nail the Horror of Bedtime

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When it comes to getting the little ones tucked in for the night, most parents know the struggle is real. Feel like embracing the misery-loves-company aspect of the whole nightly battle? Check out some of the funniest tweets weary moms and dads have shared about bedtime.

It seems like it doesn't matter how early you start, that nighttime ritual may just last until the wee hours of the morning. Good luck!  


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  • Not That Cup!


    It's so true. Suddenly, it seems like your brood spent the day in the Sahara and that cup of water is now a matter of life or death.

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  • Eye contact is a no-no!


    Sometimes you're scared to even exhale lest you wake that almost-sleeping toddler. And, if you've read them a story, you'd better be as stealthy as a cat burglar on the way out!

  • The never-ending routine.


    Whether it includes brushing teeth, saying prayers, or reading a favorite book, somehow kids can make it stretch into a three-hour-long event. 

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  • 18 books


    Yes, the same child who didn't want to hear a word of that story in the afternoon when you were looking to just sit quietly and enjoy a snuggle suddenly thinks you're the world's greatest reader. She won't rest -- literally -- until you've read every book on her nightstand. 

  • Frown much?


    Even the kindest parent can run out of patience quickly by the end of a long day. And pointing out aging (most likely brought on by bedtime battles) isn't helping! 

  • Who's under the bed?


    Don't mess with Mom. Or Dad. Some parents are able to give a single look that sends kids running back to burrow under the covers. 

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  • Satan is a toddler...


    It does get tedious wrangling those wild monkeys into submission each night. If you get a night out, this is one part you really don't miss. Just hope they're sound asleep by the time you return. Or, drive around the block again ... and again.

  • Even 'Idols' feel the pain


    Even though he's a former American Idol star, it sounds like his toddler treats him like any old regular dad when it come to bedtime. Perhaps the From Justin to Kelly star should consider singing his little one to sleep?  

  • Sorry, kids, threats happen.


    Yeah, you've got to do whatever works. If losing their favorite dessert gets them to settle down, so be it. You're doing it so they're well rested, right? Yes, yes, keep telling yourself that.

  • A Sendak send-up


    Even if you begin with the best intentions for a calm and relaxing bedtime, things can get out of hand faster than you'd imagine. We love this reference to Where the Wild Things Are, because sometimes bedtime can feel stranger than fiction.

  • Summertime=No Bedtime


    Once you give in to the later bedtime, it's nearly impossible to rein them in when the school year starts up again. As this wise mom knows, room-darkening shades and blinds can quickly become your favorite home decor item.

  • The sudden about-face


    Your little one may have been dozing on the couch, but tell her it's bedtime and she morphs into a dynamo, capable of trashing a room in seconds flat. You wonder where she gets her energy because you certainly don't have any left!

  • Bedtimes vary, wakeup calls don't.


    This parent points out what all moms and dads know: It doesn't matter when you put them to bed, they'll still be up with the roosters! And boy will they crash hard later that day. But, don't worry, they'll somehow find the strength to battle you again at bedtime that night.

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