Potty Training Panic: Getting Over the Fear That It Will Never Happen

Potty training panic: the struggle is real, my friends. Trust me, I know! My son Jake was closing in on his 4th birthday before he finally got the hang of it. Not for lack of trying on my part. I thought I was doing everything right! I had the sticker charts, the coolest potty chair on the planet and I followed all the tips from the potty training books stacked on my nightstand. Still, he just didn’t seem interested in using the potty.


How do you get past the fear that your child will never get the hang of potty training? Check out a few parenting solutions for banishing potty training panic.

How to Get Past Potty Training Panic

Make the commitment

When your child starts showing signs of potty training readiness, make the commitment to move forward. Even though your tot may go through periods of advancement and regression, knowing that you’ve both committed to the journey is a big step in alleviating your worries. That journey begins with saying “so long” to diapers. Go to the store together to pick up their first package of Pull-Ups® Training Pants. Make it a big deal. Celebrate the milestone.

Pull-Ups Training Pants look and fit more like regular underwear. Plus they slide on and off easily, making it easier for little ones in a hurry to get to the bathroom! They come in three different variations: Pull-Ups® Learning Designs® Training Pants, Pull-Ups® Cool & Learn® Training Pants, and Pull-Ups® Night*Time Training Pants. I was always a fan of the Pull-Ups®Training Pants because the design fades when wet, so kids can actually see the difference.

Work with YOUR child’s personality

Just like all kids have different schedules for reaching milestones, they also have different personalities. In fact, the Pull-Ups® Potty Partnership actually identified five unique personality types as they relate to potty training: Puppy, Owl, Bear Cub, Turtle and Squirrel. Jacob was very Squirrel-like, although he had the willpower of a Turtle. 

Find out your child’s potty training personality type by taking this quick Pull-Ups potty personality quiz. By understanding your child’s personality, you can start a potty training partnership that works best for him.  When you partner with your child, you both feel more in control, which goes a long way to alleviating that panic.

Remind yourself that all kids have different schedules

As much as we’d all love our kids to do things on OUR schedule, it doesn’t work out that way. If it did, they’d be talking at birth to tell us what they want and waiting until they’re 30 to start dating! That’s not how it works, though. You can’t judge your child by someone else’s toddler. Just because your niece trained at 12 months doesn’t mean your daughter is the dreaded “delayed” word if she’s not even showing interest until past her second birthday. Some kids take a little longer to feel ready for such a big change.

Diversify your tools

Potty training tools like reward charts, stickers and even fancy thrones are all fantastic, but they can also become a source of panic if you don’t use them in a way that matches your child’s personality. I had charts galore, but my son just wasn’t that into putting stickers on a calendar. Instead, I had this big stuffed elephant that “talked” to him about going on the potty. Jake loved that elephant. It took him a while to catch on that it was just me making a funny voice! Figure out what works best for your child, whether it’s stickers, silly games, dance parties in the bathroom or a silly talking elephant. When they reach a big milestone, you can even reward them with a special trip to their favorite place!

Speaking of partnering with your child, the Pull-Ups® Potty Partnership is full of diverse tools to help you do just that! Find more ideas for incentives, learn how to tailor your potty training efforts to your child’s personality and more. They even have fun potty training games to play with your toddler!

Getting over potty training panic is easier when you remind yourself that your child is working on his or her own schedule (not yours) and that you have done everything possible to give both of you the tools you need to succeed. We are far less inclined to panic when we have a plan, after all.

Try Pull-Ups Training Pants now at your local retailer.  Visit Pull-Ups.com to learn more about the Pull-Ups Potty Partnership. 

To find out your child’s potty personality, take the personality quiz at Pull-Ups.com, and get tools and advice to help you and your child partner together throughout the potty training journey.

Did you try the Pull-Ups® Potty Partnership? What is your child’s potty training personality? Tell us in the comments!

Olfa Turki is a chartered accountant, a wife, and a mom. She loves cooking with the kids, biking, reading books and drinking lots of coffee! Olfa balances her family life with ownership and administration of websites such as OurFamilyWorld.com, MyTeenguide.com, and Dogvills.com.

This post is sponsored by Pull-Ups® Training Pants. All opinions are my own.

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