8 Things to Know About Picky Eating

toddler eating dinner

Toddlers are just starting to learn that they can exert some control over their world – which often translates into bouts of picky eating. And moms spend a lot of time fretting about their picky eaters (“Is he getting enough nutrition?” “Is this a phase she’ll grow out of?”).

One way to put your mind at ease is to offer your toddler nutritional “insurance.” As your little one gets the hang of solid foods, supplement with Go & Grow by Similac. It’s the perfect way to assure a balanced diet and keep your worries at bay!

These other facts about picky eating should also help ease your mind:

  1. It’s normal! As your baby transitions into toddlerhood and starts eating solid foods, he may start asserting his independence and sense of control. Be patient. You may need to introduce a food 10 times before he’ll eat it. But don’t give up. It’s all normal behavior.
  2. She won’t starve. It’s true. If she’s hungry enough, she’ll eat. And if she’s not hungry, she’s just not hungry. Don’t force the issue. Just make sure you offer nutritious choices and leave the rest up to her.
  3. He needs less food than you think. Everyone knows that nutrition impacts physical, cognitive, and behavioral development. But toddlers aren’t growing as fast as they were as babies, and appetites will vary greatly depending on growth spurts. Remember, they still have relatively tiny tummies and it doesn’t take much to fill them up.
  4. You can get sneaky. As smart as your genius baby is, remember that you’re smarter. You can hide all kinds of nutritious foods into the least suspecting mouths. Be creative with your spinach, use applesauce for sweetness in whole-wheat muffins, and toss finely grated carrots into just about anything.
  5. She might not be as picky as you think. Keep track of what your child is eating for a week and more times than not you’ll see that it all evens out. She’s probably eating better (and more) than you realized!
  6. It’s just a phase. Nothing lasts forever, not even a macaroni maniac. It’s important to be patient and not turn mealtime into battle time.
  7. You’re still the boss.  Your child can only eat what you offer him. And while it’s important for him to have choices, you make the choices. Then your little picky eater can pick and choose between healthy options!

How do you feed your picky eater?


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