10 Picture Books That Celebrate Kids With Down Syndrome (PHOTOS)

10 Picture Books That Celebrate Kids With Down Syndrome (PHOTOS)

don't look at me differentOne in every 691 babies in the United States is born with Down syndrome (that's about 6,000 each year). So in honor of World Down Syndrome Day, we thought this would be the perfect time to celebrate kids with Down syndrome by taking a look at picture books exploring what it's like to grow up with this condition, in a way all kids can relate to -- and learn from!

Whether your child has Down syndrome, knows someone with Down syndrome, or is just curious about differently abled kids, there's something on this list for everyone.


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  • "Taking Down Syndrome to School" by Jenna Glatzer


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    Sweet and simple, Taking Down Syndrome to School by Jenna Glatzer ($12.95, amazon.com) shows how the main character, Nick, is both different and the same as all the other kids in his class. Includes tips and a quiz about Down syndrome for young readers.

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  • "We'll Paint the Octopus Red" by Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen


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    Six-year-old Emma is confused when her baby brother is born with Down syndrome in We'll Paint the Octopus Red ($13.83, amazon.com), but her dad helps her to realize that baby Isaac is the sibling she's always dreamed of having. 

  • "My Friend Has Down Syndrome (Let's Talk About It)" by Jennifer Moore-Mallinos


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    Having a pal with special needs can bring up a lot of conflicting feelings for little ones. My Friend Has Down Syndrome (Let's Talk About It) ($7.99, amazon.com) explores those emotions in a gentle, sensitive way (and includes advice for parents, too). 

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  • "My Friend Isabelle" by Eliza Woloson


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    My Friend Isabelle ($13.31, amazon.com) is the story of how two friends named Isabelle and Charlie are more alike than different: They both like Cheerios, drawing, and playing at the park -- but Isabelle has Down syndrome, and Charlie doesn't. This great story is told from the perspective of Isabelle's mother.

  • "I Can, Can You?" by Marjorie W. Pitzer


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    While many children's books about Down syndrome are written for kids who don't have the condition, I Can, Can You? ($10, amazon.com) is meant to encourage little ones with Down syndrome by reminding them of all the fun things they can do.

  • "Be Good to Eddie Lee" by Virginia Fleming


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    Christy doesn't want to be bothered with doing what her mother says and looking after Eddie Lee, a neighborhood boy with Down syndrome, in Be Good to Eddie Lee ($6.99, amazon.com). But a wonderful day in the woods together shows her that there's a lot more to Eddie Lee than she ever thought.

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  • "Why Are You Looking at Me? I Just Have Down Syndrome" by Lisa Tompkins


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    Why Are You Looking at Me? I Just Have Down Syndrome ($19.99, amazon.com) explains what it's like to be a kid with Down syndrome who just wants to be friends with everybody else -- and why that's a good thing!

  • "Kids Like Me ... Learn ABCs" by Laura Ronay


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    Featuring color photos of children with Down syndrome (and some of their siblings), Kids Like Me ... Learn ABCs ($12.95, amazon.com) makes mastering the alphabet a delight for special needs kids.

  • "Don't Call Me Special (A First Look at Disability)" by Pat Thomas


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    Written by a psychotherapist and counselor, Don't Call Me Special (A First Look at Disability) ($6, amazon.com) is about how kids with all kinds of disabilities -- not just Down syndrome -- can lead happy, normal lives.

  • "Princess Jaycee: The Little Princess With Down Syndrome" by Alessia Russell


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    Princess Jaycee: The Little Princess With Down Syndrome ($13.48, amazon.com) is more than mere royalty; the adorable girl is also the kindest person in the kingdom! 

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