How to Nutritionally Support your Growing, On-the-Go Toddler

Now that your baby is on the go, the real fun begins! As your toddler continues to grow and explore her world, you’re right there with her, watching through her eyes, and picking her up when she falls. You know how exhausting all that physical activity is for you, so just imagine how much energy is being zapped out of her little body with all that crawling and toddling around!


It’s not just an exciting time, but also an important stage in your baby’s development. Go & Grow by Similac™ Toddler Drink is a complementary toddler drink to support her nutrition during the introduction of regular table foods. It supports nutrition as your baby gets going and growing and transitions into toddlerhood. Here’s why:

1. Go & Grow by Similac™ contains OptiGRO™, a unique blend of DHA, Lutein and Vitamin E designed to support brain development, eye health, and physical growth.

2. Go & Grow by Similac™ Sensitive offers a formula that complements toddler nutrition with an easy-to-digest milk-based drink for those with lactose sensitivity.

3. Go & Grow by Similac™ Non-GMO helps balance your toddler’s diet while using ingredients that are not genetically engineered.

4. Similac™ knows that all toddlers go and grow differently and offers a variety of different Go & Grow products to fit your little one’s needs.

How do you keep up with your toddler?


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