14 Real-Life Photos of Pre-Schoolers That Prove the Parenting Struggle Is Real


While age 2 has the reputation as the "terrible twos," experienced parents will tell you that age 3 is where things really get tricky. The pre-school years are both delightful and crazy making, as 3- and 4-year-olds have lots of big emotions in those little bodies.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so we've collected some real-life (and real funny) snapshots that show you exactly what parenting a pre-schooler is like. Click on for irrational tears, fabulous fashion choices, and at least one self-made super hero.


Image via Wendy Robinson

  • Just Fix It


    Image via Wendy Robinson

    "This is the look I got from my 3-year-old when I refused to put the orange peel BACK on the orange she asked for. Turns out she wanted an orange, but not THAT orange." -- W.R.

  • The Eye Roll


    Image via Tara R.

    This kiddo may only be 3, but she eye rolls with the skills of a teenager!

  • Beach Problems


    Image via T. R.

    "The worst part of going to the beach with a 3-year-old is when he decides that the sand is 'too sandy'"-- T.R.

  • Lessons Needed


    Image via Kelly Oriol

    "I provided no guiding parental hand in eating muffins. I didn't know these were things I needed to do." -- K.O.

  • Goose Egg


    Image via Sara Wassink

    "He managed to get hurt three times in one night. He fell onto the corner of a concrete step. He thought the goose egg was awesome. Those are blood stains on his shirt from when he cut his lip open that day too -- that's why he has a fat lip."-- S.W.

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  • No Nap, Day 2



    "Day two after no nap. She had a melt down because we told her she could only take a shower, not a bath. (This kid needs her nap!)" -- K.F.

  • Super!


    Image via A. Sadek

    "Yes, he is some kind of super hero." -- A.S.

  • Book Lover


    Image via Wendy Ten Elshof

    "Nothing like falling asleep with -- under -- a good book, right?" -- W.T.

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  • No Shame


    Image via L.N.

    "Age 3 doesn't care if his swim suit is too big. Age 3 is awesome that way." -- L. N.

  • And We Mean EVERYTHING


    Image via E.V.

    "Daniel explaining something to me. Because everything needs an explanation." -- E.V.

  • Dressed Herself


    Image via  E.V.

    "Age 3. When MORE is more." -- E.V.

  • So Mean!


    Image via S.T.

    "This is the face of a 3-year-old whose terribly mean parents won't let her cut her own hair." -- S.T.

  • Very Relaxing


    Image via Sara D.

    "We were at a restaurant for an extended family dinner. I has just finished nursing my baby and was trying to quickly eat my meal before having to dash home in time for bedtime -- all the while with this monkey on my back."-- S.D.

  • Cheers!


    Image via  E. Kork

    You know what 3-year-olds bring to the table? ENTHUSIASM! Cheers!

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