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8 Creative & Clever Tricks to Simplify Potty Training

potty training

When it comes to potty training, parents will take all the tips, tricks, hacks, and advice they can get, because, as any mom or dad who's ever tried to get rid of diapers knows, it's not always simple.

But with some patience -- and great tips -- you and your toddler will have the hang of things in no time. Here are some clever tricks to keep in mind when you step inside the magical -- and sometimes messy -- world of potty training.

Tired of your little one using 12 sheets of toilet paper every time she makes a drop of pee? Over getting splashed in the face? These creative potty training hacks cover all that and more.


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1Try the Coffee Filter Trick

"I love cleaning out the potty after my toddler poops in it!" said no mom ever. Make cleanup a little easier with this trick from Mama Frankenstein: Put a coffee filter in the potty, so after your kid goes, all you need to do is flush the poop and trash the filter. Easy-peasy!

2Create a Splash-Free Zone

Tired of being splashed (on the floor, on your shoes, in your... face) while your little one tries to master the art of peeing on the potty? Have them face backwards à la Ashley Pichea's idea from Pichea Place. Your child may look a little funny, but it's better than the alternative. 

3Designate the Right Amount of Toilet Paper

If there's one part of potty training that kids love, it's using toilet paper. And more toilet paper. And more toilet paper. Before you know it, you're out of an entire roll and you only saw one drop of pee. Avoid that with Sarah from Must Have Mom's trick. Simply cut a piece of ribbon or fabric measuring tape and hang it from your TP holder to indicate when to stop unraveling. Genius!

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4Make a Potty Tent

During the first few days of potty training, it's hard to leave the house. Or a three-feet radius of the potty. So, why not set up a potty tent with all the potty accoutrements like Tiffany from Stuff Parents Need did? Not only will you have anything and everything you need at arm's length, but what kid doesn't love a cozy tent?!

5Know How to Remove Pee Stains

When you're potty training a child, there's no getting around it: They're going to get pee on a mattress at some point. Know how to get it out! Katelyn from What's Up Fagans uses an easy-to-make, super-effective mixture of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and dish soap and boom! Pee be gone!

7Create a Potty Punch Card

Tina from Mother's Niche has a great way to motivate kids to keep using the potty. She designed her own potty punch card! Just like with your coffee punch card, every time your kiddo uses the potty, they get a punch. And, of course, once they get enough punches, they get a little something special. So cute!

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