17 Genius DIY Toy Hacks to Keep Toddlers Busy for Hours

DIY Balloon-powered car

Any parent will tell ya that your kid needs entertainment. Failure to do so will result in a curious child who may or may not climb up your furniture, clog the toilet with toys because it's funny, smear an unidentifiable substance over the walls, and get into something you thought was safely stored away. Yeah, it's time to break out the toys ... but not just any toys -- something you, Mom, made yourself.


In the world of Pinterest junkies and DIY wizards, there's plenty of room for people who might not own a hot glue gun -- or have tried the art of upcycling -- but want to. In fact, you might be one idea away from crafting up something awesome and, more importantly, affordable (for you) that your kids will enjoy.

Allow yourself to think outside the usual list of toy suspects, and consider one of these DIY projects to help keep your toddler busy ... and possibly give you a wee bit of downtime.

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