5 Fun Ways to Develop Your Toddler's Language Skills

5 Fun Ways to Develop Your Toddler's Language Skills

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In our quest to get our kids to talk, many moms turn to educational toys. Unfortunately, not every toy that's touted as being educational actually is. In fact, a new study published in JAMA Pediatrics found that many of the toys that promise to get your kid talking can actually get in the way of learning.

In order for kids to understand and speak a language, they need to hear it. That's why experts suggest you talk to your baby constantly even though you think she doesn't understand what you're saying. And that's also why the talking toy industry -- think talking stuffed animals, games, and even books that "read" to your kid -- is booming.

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The problem is those toys don't work. Researchers found that when children had talking toys, parents were less likely to talk, play, and respond to their kids, and those things are all crucial to language development. Talking toys aren't social. But moms and dads are.

But that doesn't mean that toys in general don't help language development. Here are five fun ways you can develop your toddler's language skills.


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