'Sesame Street' Is Moving to HBO

Sesame Street is headed to HBO

Fasten your seat belts, parents and kids -- we're in for a new adventure. Come this January, Sesame Street will begin airing on HBO and, in turn, will come with an assortment of new changes. Are you ready?


Sesame Street will make its HBO debut on January 16. New episodes are expected to air Saturday mornings, with repeats -- including past seasons -- showing daily. Parents with a subscription to HBO can also stream episodes online using HBO Now or HBO GO, and can also watch on HBO on Demand.

Season 46 of the beloved preschool-age program will feature a ton of changes -- including a new 30-minute format, brand-new segments, a new character (Nina, a bilingual Latina girl, who will work at the bike shop and laundromat), and more. Even the Sesame Street theme song will get a modern refresh that could have your heads nodding to the beat.

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One thing, however, that will remain the same are all the celebrities who pay a visit to the Sesame Street neighborhood. If you love Gwen Stefani, Nick Jonas, Pharrell, Usher, Sara Bareilles, and Tracee Ellis Ross, you might want to set your DVRs.

Now, I know what you're probably thinking: How the heck can families enjoy Sesame Street without paying for a pricey cable subscription?

Thankfully, it looks like children who watch Sesame Street on PBS Kids can continue doing so. While you'll have to wait until fall to enjoy season 46, you can still catch past seasons, both on weekdays and Sundays.

Phew, thank goodness.

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It's hard to believe Sesame Street is leaving PBS after so many ... decades -- almost five, to be exact! For most of us, this Emmy award–winning show has played a huge part in our learning and development. Shoot, it helped me learn my ABCs, count, expand my vocabulary, and think about social skills -- and ways to be a great friend.

Now that many of us have kids, it's only natural that we want to share the wealth with our little ones.

Well, we can, but we have to turn to HBO.

I'll make a mental note to set my DVR for Sesame Street on a different channel (Game of Thrones has kept my HBO subscription).

Personally, I'll miss watching it on PBS, but I'm not too surprised to hear about the move (okay, maybe surprised to hear that it is going to HBO). There have been whisperings about a lack of funding that likely played a role in Sesame Street's getting cut down to 30 minutes.

As much as I'm happy it's still on the air, I hope families aren't too rattled by the changes and can still enjoy new seasons ... even if some have to wait almost a year (insert sad face).

Hopefully, these new changes will be pleasant.



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