Do You Ever Miss the Baby Days?

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No matter how many times friends and family members tell you that the baby years will fly by and that you’ll miss them when they’re gone -- you never really understand what they mean until it has already happened to you.


With a teen in high school and a 7-year-old growing as quick as a weed, it’s hard to imagine it wasn’t yesterday that they were tiny babies in my arms. One moment they are saying “mama” for the first time, and the next they’re ready to ride a bike, head to school, or get their driver’s license.

While I have loved every single stage my children have gone through, there are moments when I start to dream about holding those little infants in my arms again. I miss those quiet nights when I would put my eldest to bed, read a story, and snuggle until he fell asleep. I miss watching him discovering his hands and toes, taking his first steps, and saying his first words. I miss my youngest son falling asleep in my lap and blowing raspberries when he was sleepy.

It’s incredible to think that before I know it, I’ll be sending my teen off to college and my youngest will be wanting the keys to the car.

Do you ever miss those baby days? I remember just holding my guys, and smelling that incredible baby smell on their heads -- you know that smell? Today when I hold my friends’ babies I always give them a good sniff to reminisce about the baby years! ;) That baby smell is just perfect.

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What do you miss most about the baby days?


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