Toddler With Disability Becomes Adorable Instagram Fashion Sensation (PHOTOS)

Oakley LynchThe next time you consider stepping up your wardrobe, you might want to think about a toddler changing the fashion game, one Instagram filter at a time. Sure, Oakley Lynch might be a 14-month-old boy, but his style needs no red carpet to slay.


With close to 17,000 followers (Oakley's mom and Dad monitor @myoakleydoakley), this adorable lad from across the pond is inspiring so many -- and more importantly, showing everyone that children with disabilities might be a little different, but are capable of so much (and more).

Oakley was born with symbrachydactyly, a disorder that can cause malformed hands and limbs. When she was 16 weeks pregnant, Oakley's mom, Victoria Lynch, was told by doctors that her child would have the condition. As a result of this condition, Oakley's right arm failed to properly develop, but that hasn't stopped Victoria and her husband, Greg Lynch, from looking for ways to encourage their beautiful boy.

Little Oakley is such a cutie!

Oakley's OOTD is head to toe from Instagram #shopsmall Hat- @ryderl_style Jumper- @tobiasandthebear Trousers- @babyhautecouture Shoes- @momkbaby

A photo posted by ��Tori+��Oakley+��Huxley (@myoakleydoakley) on

Winter is coming, and this Oakley definitely looks ready for it.


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This little number will surely earn him some street cred.

Such a little dude � Cap and trousers- @ra_an_roo Jumper- @paperscissorsrock_

A photo posted by ��Tori+��Oakley+��Huxley (@myoakleydoakley) on

Even Oakley's younger brother, Huxley, is getting in on the action. Aren't these two an adorable little duo?

Huxley was featured by @kardashiankids today! � He's following in his brother's footsteps already �

A photo posted by ��Tori+��Oakley+��Huxley (@myoakleydoakley) on

I'm all for promoting things that make people feel special, and help raise self-confidence. Oakley is such a beautiful child whose story will, hopefully, help families who have a child with a disability shine in the best way possible.

Seeing as small businesses and major corporations have been lining up to dress 14-month-old Oakley, hopefully this will pave the way for more kids with disabilities to be featured in commercials and other ad campaigns.

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Love the outfits, and love this message.



Image via myoakleydoakley/Instagram

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