12 Natural Toddler Toys That Inspire Creative Play (Without the Plastic)

12 Natural Toddler Toys That Inspire Creative Play (Without the Plastic)

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The holidays can be a bit tricky if you're a natural-minded mama. Walk into any store and you're likely to be bombarded with a slew of bright pink, plastic toys that will not only probably wind up breaking, but will also -- buzz kill alert! -- likely last in a landfill for years to come. 

If you're looking to stick to more natural and organically-made toys for your toddler this year, we've got you covered. From beautifully hand-crafted play food sets that will inspire hours of imaginative play to super stylish wooden houses, here are 12 awesome natural toys no toddler will be able to resist. 


Images via (clockwise from top left) Etsy.com, OdetteWilliams.com, NovaNatural.com, MagicCabin.com, FatBrainToys.com, Walmart.com

  • Bamboo BoxSet Tool Kit

    Image via Walmart

    Blow your little builder's mind with this adorable Bamboo BoxSet Tool Kit ($31.13, walmart.com). This eco-friendly set comes with any tools your child may need to "fix" things around the house. And when she's all done with work, she can store everything in the sweet work bench.

  • Wooden Bowling Set

    Image via 2HeartsDesire/Etsy

    Striiiike! This Wooden Bowling Set ($15, etsy.com) is the ultimate indoor game for parents and kids to play when it's a wee bit too cold to head outside. 

  • Odette Williams Kids Apron Set

    Image via Odette Williams

    Get cooking with your kiddo in this super cute, 100% cotton Odette Williams Kids Apron Set ($40, odettewilliams.com). Your little one will love wearing this when he's whipping up real holiday cookies with you, or when he's playing make believe on his own. 

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  • Filana Organic Beeswax Crayons

    Image via The Wooden Wagon

    Not only are these Filana Beeswax Crayons ($14.95, thewoodenwagon.com) pretty to look at, they're all natural. Because we all know every toddler gets a hankering to bite a crayon once in a while. 

  • Crochet Play Food Set

    Image via KMJcrochet/Etsy

    Mama's little helper will love doing grocery shopping of his own with this beautiful 16-piece Crochet Play Food Set ($52, etsy.com). Brimming with colorful fruits and veggies, your toddler will have a blast whipping up yummy dishes. And unlike plastic play food, your kids will want to give these toys to their kids. 

  • Manhattan Toy MiO Sleeping + 2 People Wooden Building Set

    Image via Walmart

    Not only will the adorable Manhattan Toy MiO Sleeping + 2 People Wooden Building Set ($26.92, walmart.com) inspire hours of imaginative play with your child, you won't mind having it on display. So sleek and stylish!

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  • Natures Purest Organic Ragdoll Natalie in Moses Basket

    Image via Hazelnut Kids

    Every natural-minded mama's dream! The Natures Purest Organic Ragdoll Natalie in Moses Basket ($85, hazelnutkids.com) isn't just adorable, it's as sustainable as a doll can be. This sweet toy is made from 100 percent organic cotton, stuffed with PET recycled bottles, and certified by Organic Exchange, which means little Natalie's journey is fully traceable. Not bad for a dolly. 

  • Byte-Size Personal Laptop Chalkboard

    Image via Land of Nod

    Out with the video games, in with the Byte-Size Personal Laptop Chalkboard ($24.95, landofnod.com). Your little cutie will love doodling on this unique, portable chalkboard. And the laptop design is sure to fuel creative role-play. 

  • Play Silks

    Image via Magic Cabin

    Colorful Play Silks ($12.98 each or $69.98 for a set of 7, MagicCabin.com) are trendy for a reason: They're pretty much the most versatile toy out there. Watch as your child comes up with endless uses for these silks -- capes, baby carriers, fort walls -- and be amazed at her innocence and imagination. 

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  • Wooden Butterfly Sewing Toy


    Let your toddler get in touch with his or her inner crafter with this cute beginner Wooden Butterfly Sewing Toy ($28.95, oompa.com). They'll get to hone their sewing technique and fine tune their motor skills. All without a needle!

  • Color & Build Your Own Palace

    Image via Nova Natural

    Your child will have just as much fun decorating this Color & Build Your Own Palace ($25, novanatural.com) as he will playing with it afterwards. Made from sturdy cardboard, your little artist can customize his castle with paint, markers, stickers, or anything else his ponies, knights, and princesses desire.

  • Mini Automoblox Cars, 3 Pack

    Image via Fat Brain Toys

    They're cute. They're fast. And they're made from beech wood with a non-toxic finish. What's not to like about these rad Automoblox Cars ($35.00, fatbraintoys.com)? No kiddo, or parent, will be able to resist their charm!

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