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Hot Wheels set

In my Travel Gifts for Men post I established how hard it sometimes is to buy gifts for men. Sometimes I feel the exact same way about little boys too. After all, I never was one myself and I don't have any brothers so...what are some good Christmas ideas for boys? As the mother of a son now, I need to know these things (and a whole lot more, but we won't think about that right now.)

Hot Wheels was kind enough to send us a variety of their toys to test out and at 3 years old, Gus couldn't be happier. He's at the perfect age to begin his love affair with toy cars, and now Mama has good Christmas ideas for boys for years to come. This will free up mind space to worry about puberty, bullying, and teaching money management. ;)


First let's take a look at the Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage™.

The Ultimate Garage has parking space for 36 cars and has 8 different play zones which is great for multiple kids. Sweet T and Gus play with it together without fighting (so far. Yay for that.)

Gus' absolute favorite part of the Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage is the shark trap feature. If you pull the shark's tail backward, it sets a trap for your car. If you don't set the trap, the car will "jump the shark" (Get it?)

We've had the Ultimate Garage set up and running for three days now and he squeals with delight every time the shark catches a car like it's the first time he's seeing it.

Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage Playset is designed with kids age 5 and up in mind, but as you can tell, Gus doesn't read labels. We just supervise his play for safety and let him be the big boy he thinks he is.

Add three AA batteries to The Ultimate Garage and your kids will enjoy a variety of sounds including the fire house, helicopter, gas station, and shop.

This playset comes with 5 Hot Wheels cars and a helicopter!

You can connect Hot Wheels Track Builder sets to The Ultimate Garage for even more fun. This gives you great future Christmas ideas for boys and birthday ideas too!

Both our children love the Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage Playset. Due to its size, we keep it in the basement where there is plenty of floor space for such toys. With the racing track on the end, this playset stretches out 6 feet so make sure you have room! You can easily detach the race track portion for smaller play areas.

Designed with ages 4+ in mind, the Hot Wheels® Track Builder Volcano holds up to eight cars and releases them from the top of the volcano to four different stunts at the end of each track.

Kids wind the knob at the top of the volcano (Gus needs help from his 5 year-old sis for this,) place up to eight cars along the side of the "mountain" and press the Hot Wheels button at the very top to release. The cars race down at different intervals, going through a stunt at the end of each track.

Both kids' favorite stunt of this track set is the pop-up treasure stunt. It's faster than a speeding DSLR!

In addition to the stunts, kids can also send a car through the middle of the volcano to reveal its eyes.

Hot Wheels Track Builder sets that are sold separately can be connected to the volcano for track combinations limited only by their imagination.

Let's talk about setup, moms and dads. The kids can have fun all day long, but if we have to spend hours putting something together, sometimes it feels like it just isn't worth it. Hubs handled the Ultimate Garage and had it together in about 30 minutes with no frustration.

This doesn't surprise me. The real test was whether or not I would be able to assemble the volcano. I do not put things together. Ever. I always hand it off to Hubs, but in the interest of an honest review, I broke out of my comfort zone. You're welcome.

As a visual learner, I had no trouble thanks to the step-by-step assembly pictures.

How do your kids play with their toy cars?


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