5 Ways to Cope With Never-Ending Toddler Laundry

toddler lying in a pile of clean laundry

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Toddlers are unpredictable. You don’t know what mess they’re going to make next, what they’re thinking, or who they’ll turn out to be. With so many uncertainties, isn’t it comforting to know that some things don’t change? Like the never-ending pile of your toddler’s laundry, for instance.

And while you can’t be expected to love the task, these tips can help make it more manageable. Because after all, it’s not going away anytime soon – and it’ll be a few more years before your little one can wash his own clothes!

  1. Keep Things Separate: Having a separate hamper or laundry basket for your little one cuts out a step when it comes to sorting. Don’t co-mingle loads unless you need to fill the machine – and with toddlers around, that is rarely a problem!  Plus, their clothes will come out smelling baby fresh free of their dirt and grass stains thanks to Dreft Stage 2 Active Baby.
  2. Complete the Task: Try to only do laundry when you have time to follow through – all the way to the folding! You might think this sounds impossible, but it actually makes the process much more manageable and you don’t have that dreaded half-done laundry situation happening. Because no time to fold or put away means mountains of clean clothes in every room and while your toddler might have fun with those, you certainly won’t!
  3. Bag it Up: Keep a mesh bag in the laundry room to collect single socks. Once a month, go through the bag and if a sock hasn’t found its mate, it’s time to add it to the dust-cloth pile.
  4. Start Your Helpers Young: Make your toddler a part of the action by letting him help sort or “fold” the clean laundry clothes. Or hold him on your hip while loading the machine and let him toss clothes in basketball-style.
  5. Enjoy the End Result: The best thing about laundry is that it comes out smelling so nice, especially when you use Dreft Blissfuls in-wash scent booster to bring back that baby-fresh scent you love. It might even make you look forward to washing your toddler’s clothes!

What’s your best tip for staying ahead of the laundry pile?


Betsy Voreacos is a freelance writer and blogger who lives with her family a stone’s throw from Manhattan. 

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