The Ultimate Baby Dance Party Music Playlist

With Blue Ivy Carter as our proof, we can definitively say there's nothing cuter than babies dancing. But finding good songs to get little kids up on their feet can be tricky since we're not all moms who record our own hit songs to dance along to. So what tunes can you play at a moment's notice to start up your own baby dance party?


Well, the key to any successful dance party is getting songs that everyone will love and no one will be offended by (which means we're sticking to G-rated when there are toddlers involved). By nature, some songs demand more toe-tapping and finger-snapping than others, so we picked out our favorites from that bunch and compiled them for your and your baby's listening (and dancing) pleasure.

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Yep, it's oldies-but-goodies heavy -- we dare you to stay in your seats through this whole thing. We'll get your toddler's feet bouncing and hips shaking in no time. Play this any time the weather's bad or you just want to get moving in your living room.


 What song does your baby or toddler love to dance to?


Image via Dragon Images/shutterstock

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