'Popples' Netflix Revival Will Make You -- and Your Kids -- Smile (VIDEO)

God bless Netflix for bringing my childhood favorites back to the small screen. First the Fuller House reboot, and now they've announced a revival of the '80s Saturday morning cartoon Popples. Popples was my life when I was 5, y'all.


Seriously -- I had several of the stuffed marsupial-like creatures that I played with all the time, and I'm sure I've seen all the episodes multiple times. Can I remember anything but the theme song? Nope, but I remember I loved it!

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And judging from how my youngest kiddo reacted to this clip, she's going to love the revival. And, um, I might be watching it with her. Take a look at the revived Popples, as the gang gets ready to celebrate "Palentine's Day" with a goofy song that little ones and the rest of us Popples lovers will adore.

Does that look adorable or what? For the uninitiated, the Popples have pouches on their backs that they can curl up into like a fuzzy ball, and into which they can also stuff all sorts of improbable objects. Think ladders and elephants, here. 

Hey -- it's a kids' show, what were you expecting? A pocket protector?

Anyway, I'm beyond excited to share this piece of my childhood with my own kiddos, and I think it's totally cool that Saban Brands (the company behind Popples) teamed up with Netflix to make it happen.

Tune into the new series on October 30, exclusively on Netflix.


Image via Saban Brands

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