10 Amazing, True Tales of Beloved Stuffed Animals, Toys, and Loveys (PHOTOS)

stuffed animalAnyone with a child knows how much toys and stuffed animals -- or loveys, as they're often called -- can mean to a kid. Loveys are the toys that get dragged to every outing; they're the stuffed animal or doll that's always found clutched between a toddler's fingers as he or she peacefully sleeps; they're the scraggly guy who often needs a good machine-washing (if you can actually get it away from your kid's white-knuckle grip). Some toys are, quite simply, impossible to live without.


Being that these BFFs are so important to the kids that love them, there are some amazing true tales about them, including incredible lengths moms have gone to to find them when they've become missing and the amazing videos dads have created involving these beloved toys (yes, videos -- they're adorable!).

Here are 10 heartwarming stories of the one toy a child couldn't stand to be without. 


Image via Nuli_k/iStock

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