10 Disney Halloween Costumes for Kids That Defy Gender Stereotypes -- Finally! (PHOTOS)

disney queen elsa costume genderWith more and more stores abolishing their stereotypical "boy" and "girl" labels on toys, clothes, and otherwise, we are excited to see that even Disney now offers gender-neutral Halloween costumes for kids.

In other words, that means that rather than saying that princess costumes are "for girls" and superhero costumes "for boys," its website now just says they're for kids, period. And we highly approve!

Granted, the photos still show the gender you'd expect -- but still, any progress is a step in the right direction, and perhaps Disney will continue rolling out more changes along these lines down the road. Here's a selection of 10 Disney Halloween costumes that buck gender stereotypes for kids.


Image via dean bertoncelj/shutterstock

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