Dad Has Perfect Solution for 2-Year-Old Son Who Can't Blow Out Birthday Candle (VIDEO)

Kids are always going to need their parents' help -- especially when it comes to blowing out a candle. No matter how much little Marty huffed and puffed, he wasn't able to defeat the celebratory flame. Check out this awesome dad's birthday candle solution.


For real, this is pretty genius.

Now 2-year-old Marty can enjoy the rest of his birthday festivities, and eat his cake too.

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Watching this toddler try his hardest to blow out his birthday candle  was so funny. I almost felt bad as I yelled, Open your mouth and then blow at my computer screen. Who knows how long this video would've been if it wasn't for good ol' Dad who found a new purpose for a straw.

Mission: complete.

This makes me look forward to my little guy turning 2 next year. I'll be sure to keep a few straws around (just in case).


Image via Ashleigh Williamson/YouTube

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